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Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

Sustainable greenhouse

Acting Responsibly


The Group’s strategy and approach to corporate responsibility (CR) are well aligned as we improve the business operating model to reflect more sustainable practices. CR is a keystone of our commitment to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

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Business Model

We source the best ingredients responsibly and make health and safety a way of life, giving our customers confidence in the hygiene and provenance of their food and the safety of our working practices. We aim to make a positive difference to the communities and environments in which we operate, acting responsibly to deliver sustainable results.

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At Compass we ensure we have regular materiality assessments to identify and explore in depth the issues that matter most to our stakeholders around the world. Through this we ensure we focus our efforts on the key areas of CR that we believe will deliver the best economic, environmental and social outcomes, locally and globally.

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Our Pillars

Performance & Targets

In 2015 we continued to drive further improvements across the business and extended the scope of our CR performance reporting.

Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relate to the business strategy and drive the sustainable development of the business. Since we started our CR journey in 2007, we have seen continued improvement in our sustainability performance against baseline data.

We measure and report internally on our performance against each KPI and performance is reviewed by the CR Committee.

Our Commitments & Progress documents

Our Policies

Our aim is to set industry leading standards, providing our customers with the assurance that we are constantly striving to achieve the highest possible operational standards. Our global policies provide guidance to countries as to how they should implement their business activity. Thereby ensuring we have a consistent approach to managing risk and embedding the required practices and behaviours globally.

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Our Stakeholders
& Partnerships

We have a wide range of stakeholders who influence or are affected by our day to day business, and have varying needs and expectations. We recognise the importance of listening to feedback.

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Our management structure is underpinned by the highest levels of corporate governance. We empower our local management teams to manage their businesses to be competitive in their marketplace, whilst operating within a strict corporate framework with clearly defined parameters

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